Book Life is a Game!

Do you want a lighter and more joyous life? Life is a Game! describes how to have such a life by going through three phases. If you apply the tips, you will quickly see results.

These results can be: less stress, more peace, better communication, more loving relationships, attracting what you want in life and maybe even discovering the reason why you are here on planet Earth!

Since the game of life is in essence a joyful and fun experience, the book contains lots of simple, day-to-day and funny analogies and metaphors to help you understand the insights being taught. You will read how monsters, teddy bears, trains, GPS systems, wicked warriors, merry minstrels and even computer games show you the way to a lighter and more joyful life!

In Life is a Game! you will also find several tools and techniques to help you turn a stressful situation around quickly. If you are willing to go a step further, these tools can gently help resolve the causes of your stress so you may experience lasting results.

These are some of the illustrations that are used in the book:

Author, Jan Vermeiren shares a lot of his personal experiences – not only the successes, but also the failures and the fears – on both a personal and a professional level. He uses a light and humorous style with lots of self-revelation, which makes the book an easy and entertaining read!

“What a fascinating approach to personal growth! Not only is this book fun to read, but it also gives you great insight on how you live your life, and what you need to do to move it forward. I trust you’re going to love it!”
Scott Friedman, Author of Celebrate! Lessons Learned from the World’s most Admired Organizations
“In “Life is a Game!” Jan Vermeiren succeeds in integrating Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence in a playful and visual way. The insights are clear, experienced by himself and encourage self-reflection. I accepted the invitation to choose to achieve Phase 3 and in that way contribute to a “better world for everybody”, with more well-being for all. And you?”
Greet Pipijn, Author of “Dare to Live!” and founder of the Emotional Intelligence Institute
This is one of the best books I have read this year. If you are serious about growing on a personal level ‘Life is a Game!’ is a must-read.
Bjarne Nybo, Author of “7 Minutes to Mindfulness”

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