Excerpt 2: Wicked Warriors

When we incarnate on planet Earth, it is important to make sure the body stays alive. Otherwise, the human game will be over before it has even started ☺. Besides that, the body is such a complex thing that it would cost too much time and energy to have to think of every function (like digestion) or movement (like lifting a finger).

That’s why we have a “battery of small robots” that take care of those things. It is like a car factory: after the robots are programmed to perform certain actions in the assembly line, they perform them automatically, 24 hours a day. In other words: these small robots are there so we don’t have to think about every action or reaction.

The robots that are responsible for survival are what I call the “wicked warriors.” They are programmed to look out for danger. When they have spotted danger, they protect us by defending, attacking, or spurring us to run away (whatever seems the best solution at that moment). They live in the outpost.

You could also say the outpost is like an antenna on the extremities of an insect. The little hairs or receivers on the antenna are the wicked warriors.

The wicked warriors are the soldiers in an outpost who ready the guns when they notice something/someone they perceive as a threat. Because there is only a need to attack, defend, or run away when there is a fear of something, I call this the fear-based game.

The outpost, with its army of robots, and the wicked warriors of the fear-based game, is what is often referred to as the ego. If you’re more comfortable using that term, you can do that.

The outpost has a very important function. It helps the body to survive.

What, then, is the problem? The outpost is only a small part of us, but we have strongly identified ourselves with it. It is as if the insect thinks it is the antenna, not the body. Although the antenna is just a small part of who it is, the insect thinks it has become the antenna.

Similarly, we have identified with the army of wicked warriors that is permanently on the lookout for danger. In other words, we think we are a small part instead of the bigger entity we really are.

In order to give ourselves a rest and to start living a “lighter” life (and hence become en-light-ened ☺), it is time to identify ourselves with the bigger part again (which we are connected to in our center). On the one hand, we give the robots another function or role. No longer fear-based, but love-based. In other words, we transform the wicked warriors into merry minstrels.

When we no longer identify with the outpost, we can start identifying again with the creator that we are.

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