Excerpt 3: The Heavenly Game Room

Many times I imagine a large “Heavenly Game Room” where our Higher Selves are behind their computers with headphones on their ears or around their necks, legs on the table, drinks and snacks in front of them, talking to each other, laughing and having a lot of fun.

From this game room, our Higher Selves give input to our Human Forms. As and when they receive feedback, they immediately start to work with what they’ve been given. Because the Higher Self is non-physical, it is not bound by space and time. In other words, the Heavenly Game Room is always open and at our service, 24/7.

Let’s look at an example:

Marc is leading a hectic life, running a successful radiator business. He wants to spend more time with his partner Sophie and with his family and friends, but there is always something in the business that keeps him away. His main worry is that he does not have enough money coming in to take care of his family.

I imagine that the conversation in the Heavenly Game Room goes like this:

  • Higher Self Marc: “Ah, my Human Form, ‘little’ Marc, wants to spend more time with his partner Sophie, family, and friends. OK, I received that request and I’m happy to look for ways to bring this to him. Hmm, what if I had this customer cancel his order, which will free up some space in his calendar. Besides, that customer was not the best match anyway. Let’s ask the Higher Self of the CEO of that company, Fred, to play along.
  • Higher Self Marc: “Higher Self of Fred, do you want to help Marc to have the experience of having more time to spend with his partner Sophie?”
  • Higher Self Fred: “Sure.”
  • Higher Self Marc: “Can you have Fred cancel the order? That will free up some time.”
  • Higher Self Fred: “Hmm, Fred was actually counting on those radiators. But it is more important that Marc has his experience. So I will find another solution.”

The next day, Fred cancels the order. Marc is livid. “How dare they cancel the order? They are breaching the contract. I’m going to sue them.”

(In other words: Marc feels attacked and his first reaction is to retaliate.)

Back in the Heavenly Game Room.

  • Higher Self Fred: “Hmm, this is not working out as planned.”
  • Higher Self Marc: “No, I should have known. Marc is rather tense these days. ☺”
  • Higher Self Fred: “Can’t we find another solution?”
  • Higher Self Marc: “OK. You can have Fred say that canceling the order was an administrative mistake and that the order is still standing. That won’t get Fred into trouble and he doesn’t have to find another solution.”
  • Higher Self Fred: “OK. That will work. But how are you going to help Marc to have more time with Sophie, family, and friends?”
  • Higher Self Marc: “Let’s use another strategy. Let’s switch from the ‘enemy’ side to the ‘ally’ side. Higher Self of Sophie, are you willing to play?”
  • Higher Self Sophie: “Yes, sure!”
  • Higher Self Marc: “Let’s have Sophie win a holiday trip to Hawaii. That will help Marc to spend some time with her and not have to think about finances at the same time.”
  • Higher Self Sophie: “That sounds like fun!”
  • Higher Self Marc: “OK, let’s do it then. But let’s spread it out over time a bit. So much good news all at once may give Marc a heart attack ☺.”

The next day, Fred calls Marc to tell him that there has been a mistake and that they didn’t want to cancel the order. Actually, they wanted to order more. The dark clouds in Marc’s head immediately disappear. In the evening he comes home and tells Sophie, “You will never guess what happened today. Fred called me personally to apologize. Apparently they made a mistake. The order is still on and they even placed an additional one! Let’s celebrate. Let’s go to a restaurant.” And they have a great evening together.

A week later, Sophie comes home and tells Marc that she has won a vacation to Hawaii. Because that is a location Marc has always dreamt of, he immediately gets his calendar out and blocks two weeks. His mood changes even more. The phone call of Fred a week ago already lifted his spirits. The anticipation of being able to spend two weeks with his beloved partner on a beautiful location puts him in an even better mood.

Every time I think about my life in the way I described in this example, I immediately have to laugh. It instantly lifts my spirits. The consequence is that it is much easier to relax the wicked warriors and look at the world in a different way!

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