Create / Modify Your Profile

Please read these instructions carefully before proceeding!

These are the instructions to create or modify your account in the directory of coaches, therapists, healers and facilitators.


Create a free profile as a coach, therapist, healer or facilitator:

  1. First register for free for the Library (opens in new window). This is necessary to be able to modify your profile later.
  2. Come back to this page.
  3. Click this link.


Modify your profile:

  1. Make sure you are logged in in the Library (if you are logged in, you will see on the right hand side “Welcome (name)”, if not: go to the Library page and log in).
  2. Search yourself in the Directory.
  3. Click on your Profile so you will see all the details.
  4. Use the “edit entry” link at the bottom.
  5. Make the changes and click on “submit”.