Work & Play Shops

Work- and Play-shops are half-day sessions for small groups of people in which insights and experiences are combined. The name refers to both the importance of what we do and the light and playful format that is used. Life is a Game!

Work- & Play-shops last half a day (3 hours) up to multiple days in which we focus on one theme.

They all contain the unique “3 phases” vision on life as described in the book “Life is a Game!”. Out of this originates another and lighter view on (business) life in general and on the topic at hand more specifically.

Below you can find some of the themes that can be the topic of a session.

Life is a Game! Work and Playshop

In this session the most important key elements of the book “Life is a Game!” are presented, combined with some easy, but profound exercises.

What will you experience in this light and humorous session?

  • You get insights in the 3 phases of life.
  • You dis-cover some patterns that make your life heavier than it needs to be (and how to change that :-) ).
  • You get a few tips on how to improve your relationships with other people (partner, children, parents, manager, colleagues, customers, etc.).
  • You learn a few short exercises that you can repeat at home.
  • And you will have a good time!


Themes for work and playshops

  • Relationships:
    • Relationship with your partner.
    • Attracting the right partner.
    • Relationship with your parents.
    • Relationship with your children.
    • Relationship with others.
    • Another view on perpetrator/savior-victim patterns.
  • Other:
    • Life is a Computer Game! (for schools, colleges and universities with young adults between 18 and 24 years)
    • How to achieve goals – faster.
    • Emotions: value and pitfalls.

For open sessions: see the calendar.

For an in-house session we work together to create a program (content, exercises, approach). Contact us to discuss the options.

Caution: these sessions are only for people and organizations that are willing and ready to look at (business) life from another point of view!